Where Can I Schedule Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Service?

Where Can I Schedule Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Service?

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Why Choose Us for an Oil Change in Pinellas Park?

Crown Eurocars is committed to providing not only premium customer service at our Pinellas Park car dealership, but we are also committed to helping you maintain your new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle. Whether you own a high-performance vehicle, a luxury sedan or SUV, or a pickup truck, our team is committed to offering premium auto repair services for all makes and models.

We are also here to ensure routine maintenance is thorough and helpful for maximizing your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, and life expectancy. Our comprehensive oil and filter change service gives your vehicle the boost it needs. Save on an oil change in Pinellas Park with our monthly oil change service coupons and see how our certified technicians go above and beyond to care for all of your automotive needs.

What are the Benefits of Oil Change Service?

It’s imperative that vehicles receive routine maintenance, which includes an oil and filter change and tire rotations. Oil change service provides your engine’s components with the lubrication it needs and helps to remove dirt, debris, and particles that could negatively impact the performance of your vehicle.

It’s common over time for motor oil to break down. As a result, the amount of oil decreases and becomes thick and dirty. Without the ability to lubricate the engine’s working parts, this sludge can also negatively impact your fuel economy. Schedule oil change service today and see how our certified technicians work diligently to inspect the oil drain pan, remove the oil, inspect the oil drain plug and add new oil in your Mercedes-Benz SUV or sedan.

Scheduling routine Mercedes-Benz oil change service is important to reduce the risk of expensive auto repairs. When the engine parts are not lubricated, components can break down, ultimately resulting in breakdowns through the engine parts. Regular oil change service also helps to boost engine performance and enhance gas mileage.

What are the Types of Oil and Filter Changes?

Determining the best type of oil change in Pinellas Park doesn’t have to be difficult. The highly-skilled certified technicians at Crown Eurocars will offer recommendations based on suggestions from the manufacturer and consult with you to determine the best option.

For Mercedes-Benz models, the typical course of action is A and B Service. A Service is recommended at 10,000 miles and then every 20,000 miles following the first service.

During A Service, our technicians will perform the following:

  • An oil filter replacement
  • Synthetic motor oil replacement
  • Check all fluid levels and adjust as needed
  • Inspect components of the brake system
  • Reset the maintenance counter
  • Inspect tire inflation and adjust as needed
  • Tire inflation check and correction

During B Service, the team at our Mercedes-Benz service center performs all tasks included with A Service with the addition of a cabin air filter replacement. B Service is recommended at the 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 80,000, 100,000 mile mark.

There are several types of oil and filter changes for models other than Mercedes-Benz.

Conventional Oil: As one of the most common types of oil change service, conventional oil is usually recommended for light-duty vehicles that have low miles, newer engine designs, and simple engine options.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil: If you drive a vehicle that is categorized as high-performance, then full synthetic oil is the best option. This type of motor oil helps to resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, offering a higher viscosity. Although full synthetic motor oil does cost more than conventional, the extra protection is especially beneficial for vehicles in hot climates or for heavy-duty vehicles that haul and tow.

Synthetic-Blend Motor Oil: A little more affordable than full synthetic, synthetic-blend motor oil features a mixture of conventional and synthetic, as well as additives that offer more resistance to harsh temperatures and oxidation.

High Mileage Oil: If your vehicle has more than 75,000 miles, it’s best to consider high mileage oil. This type of oil change service helps to reduce emissions and smoke, minimize leaks, and reduces how much oil your vehicle consumes.

When Should I Schedule Oil and Filter Changes?

The timeline for an oil change in Pinellas Park varies based on manufacturer recommendations and your vehicle’s make and model. For many vehicles, an oil change service is recommended every 3,000 miles. However, many models only require an oil and filter change every 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

The team at our luxury car dealership will locate the oil change service that works best for your vehicle and help you to determine a timeline for routine maintenance services. During oil change service, our certified technicians will check the oil level, remove the filter and inspect the oil pan for leaks. We will then add fresh oil and send you on your way.

How to Schedule Oil Change Service?

Crown Eurocars make it affordable and simple to maintain your vehicle. With a full menu of auto repairs, including Mercedes-Benz oil change service, our goal is to enhance your daily driving experience and maximize the performance of your luxury SUV, sedan, or sports car.

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