How Often Do I Need Battery Replacement Service?

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Finding a service center you can trust is difficult, but it becomes even more difficult if you’re looking for a trustworthy service center for a luxury vehicle. When it comes down to it, though, you have two choices: take your Mercedes-Benz to a local mechanic, or to the manufacturer-trained Mercedes-Benz technicians at Crown Eurocars Mercedes-Benz.

As you’ll find out below, not taking the right care of your Mercedes-Benz, such as regular battery replacement, can lead to long-term performance and vehicle health issues that are important to avoid.

A Crown Eurocars Mercedes-Benz, our expert technicians will take care of your Mercedes-Benz with care and attention from start to finish, using only authentic Mercedes parts and the best tools in the industry. Schedule a service appointment or visit us in person today.

What Are the Benefits of Battery Replacement Service?

So, why get a battery replacement service in the first place? Can’t you just wait until your vehicle won’t ignite on its own before replacing the battery? Jokes aside, your battery takes care of a lot more things than just the ignition.

Regular battery replacement service helps keep your battery in tip-top shape, which plays a part in all kinds of things. Your battery makes sure that every single electrical component in your car is working properly, which includes your infotainment and navigation system, heads-up display, and more.

By getting your battery replaced regularly, you ensure that your Mercedes-Benz is always in working order and never has issues related to any electrical component.

How Often Do I Need My Battery Replaced?

Now that it’s clear how important replacing your battery regularly is, how often should you be replacing it? It’s commonly suggested to take your Mercedes-Benz in every three to five years for regular battery replacement.

However, with that said, you shouldn’t wait three to five years before changing your battery in many cases. Over time, you should be looking for signs of wear and battery trouble that could indicate that you need to replace your battery.

How Can I Tell If I Need My Battery Replaced?

Instead of replacing your battery when your car starts to die and fails to ignite when you turn on the vehicle, you should look for other signs of early wear.

First, your vehicle might have a battery light that illuminates when your battery has a low charge. That is the easiest way to tell, but there are other ways. Next, if you take a look at your battery and notice corrosion around the battery, that’s a good indicator you should replace your battery soon.

Also, if your vehicle is slow to start or has started making unusual sounds– especially when starting up– that’s a sign you should take it in, as it could be related to the battery or a number of other components.

If you haven’t noticed any of those signs before, it may be safe to wait the recommended three to five years. However, we still suggest getting your battery checked regularly to make sure there are no issues going undetected.

What Different Types of Battery Replacement Services Are Available?

Let’s say you’re ready to take your Mercedes-Benz in for a battery replacement. What can you expect when you take it to Crown Eurocars Mercedes-Benz? Are there different types of battery replacement service?

When it comes down to it, replacing your battery is a quick and easy process, but there are several different types of batteries that can be used within your Mercedes-Benz. Most traditional gas engines use an AGM battery, or absorbed glass mat battery. If you’re driving an electric Mercedes-Benz, you’ll typically be using a lithium-ion battery.

Typical gas-engine batteries don’t require much maintenance and last quite a while, generally because they’re only used for a few functions within the vehicle. However, in electric vehicles, the battery is the main source of both power to drive the car and energy for various other systems. For that reason, it’s important to take your vehicle in much more often if you’re driving an electric.

When you take your vehicle in, service is always the same: we’ll measure the power in your battery and check to see how it’s doing, then advise you on possible service in case we believe it could use a replacement.

Keep Your Mercedes-Benz in Peak Shape

Taking care of your Mercedes-Benz is like taking care of your physical body, it takes a proactive effort before issues arise. The more often you take your Mercedes-Benz in for a regular checkup and handle issues when it’s recommended (before they get bad), the better long-term health and performance you can enjoy from your Mercedes-Benz.

So, if you believe you might be in need of a battery replacement, or you’d just like to take your vehicle in for a checkup to make sure it’s running smoothly, send it over to the world-class service center at Crown Eurocars Mercedes-Benz. Schedule a service appointment or stop by in person today.

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