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Visit the Crown Eurocars Service Department

Visit Crown Eurocars for your next Mercedes-Benz coolant service and see the difference high-quality service makes—whether you're bringing your vehicle in for a cooling system flush or any other routine auto maintenance service.

Our Certified Mercedes-Benz trained technicians are also experts at minor and major auto repair services including bodywork, mechanical fixes, and electrical system repair. We make any service easy with our centralized location, convenient hours, and simple online scheduling.

Why Your Vehicle Needs a Radiator Flush

A radiator flush or coolant flush—two terms for the same service—is a procedure that cleans your vehicle's cooling system, flushing out rust, sediment, or other debris that has collected in the radiator over time.

Your vehicle's cooling system keeps the engine from overheating while it's running, and from freezing in cold weather when it's not running. When your engine's cooling system gets clogged with debris or isn't working like it should, it can't properly cool or heat your engine.

When Does My Vehicle Need a Coolant Flush?

Paying attention to your automobile's temperature gauge is a good way to know whether your engine cooling system is working properly. Consistently high temperatures or frequent vehicle overheating can be definite signs of trouble.

These signs could mean your vehicle has insufficient coolant fluid from an engine coolant leak, blocked hoses from deposit build-ups, rust or corrosion, a broken water pump, or other malfunction. If you detect a faint maple syrup smell, that could also mean your coolant is leaking somewhere.

Minimizing the Risks of a Faulty Cooling System

Bringing your vehicle into a reputable auto repair shop, like the Service Center at Crown Eurocars, is the best way to minimize the risks of a faulty or poorly functioning cooling system or radiator.

If you're unsure about your car's cooling system, you can check the owner's manual for manufacturer recommendations on how often to flush the radiator, or drop by our friendly service center and have our experts inspect it for you.

Drive with Confidence with Service at Crown Eurocars

A general vehicle manufacturer recommendation is to perform a coolant flush about every 3,000 miles. This will protect your car from engine damage due to a faulty cooling system. A comprehensive inspection, performed by our expert technicians, will help find any problems in your cooling system and its components.

When you bring your vehicle into the Crown Eurocars Service Center for a coolant check, our experts will: thoroughly inspect your radiator, thermostat, belts, and other components, drain and replace the coolant, and make sure everything is functioning correctly.

Don't wait until there's a problem. Bring your vehicle into Crown Eurocars today for a coolant flush or any other recommended regular maintenance service, and drive away with confidence.

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